Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Bday Iz!! x)

Happy Bday Isaac!! :D
keke.. X)

him.. X) o.o && cute koala!!! <33
May God bless you always.. (:

God bless =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


it's been awhile.. so many things been happening ... LOLS!
lazy 2 type it, and dun feel like typing it... hahahaha :D
juz now went to school bazaar lerr... (:
o.o went to the torture (haunted) house..(1st time go to this kind of stuff ><).. was forced by AH SIAO, SARAH, n PAM ! =.=
i could have kindly let the gurl (ah siao's roommate) take my place to go to the torture house.. cox she wanted to go..
but...well...ah siao dun let. =.= ..
anyways, it was not tat scary larr.. it was juz scary... LOLS!
bhot a rose for my mum.. teehee.. :D:D:D
&& the best part is....

God bless =)

Monday, June 22, 2009


YES !!
d geo teacher found our projects! :D:D
YIPPEE !!!! no nid redo! haha
thx fish (lerr yue) for caring.. =) <33
si jen! my choco!!!!! blerrs! =P

God bless =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Congratulations GARY WONG GUAN LING !..*applause* (i spell correct kah?)
hehe..ppl from Insitut Sinaran juz graduated! hhaha.. :D
&& he's suppose 2 belanja MCDONALD !!!! X)
&& gary! i didnt say i belanja you Little Italy!!!
...2day kinda pissed... s2pid geografi teacher =.=
i reli reli REALLY got passed up d project 2 him in FRONT of his EYES !!
&& he LOST it!!! =.="
sooo teruknya..thn ltr i say i got witness to prove tat i got pass up marh..thn he say he dun care..
DOINKS !! ..if he kenot find it, i nid 2 redo.. plus lee jian wen's n hui tzie's!
pray tat he can find it..!
juz now went to rocky's party..lols.. it was ok larr ..
but not many ppl from our class go lorr..lols
gona sleep now~

God bless =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Bday Sabrinaaaa (:

mind if i post ur photo? :)
heh. x)

God bless =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

im back?

juz came bak from kedah last friday :D:D:D
enjoyed~~~ LAKSA BABEH ! :D:D
n now im bak 2 skol.. = =
holiday class ...DOINKS !
sooo long didnt update~!!!
so many tings 2 write..yet so little time? no larr..lazy! :D
tis thurs goin family camp after skol! YIPPEE!!!
but abby wont b goin T.T
photos~ photos~

while studyin for exam..found this :D:D in last year chinese text book~
tis 1 my fav :D

Nic Lai's masterpiece!! xDD

The dance team..easter dance de.. ADELE is not here..duno wher she go lerr..!

thn..tis 1 is during d kokol fundraising nite.. :D

Our table..d cousins.. :D see we arrange till so neat :D:D:D

our laksa table.. :P .. walk thr juz 2 eat! haha ..
8 person= RM18 for ALL.. laksa plus ABC ! :D

went to 1borneo yesterday! watch hannah montana was ok larr..
n PAM !!!!! my photos are copyrighted! even d IC! = = lols.. :D
ABBY!!!!! let's go watch 17Again~~~~ xDDDD
&& thx for d pineapple tarts!!! <33

God bless =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool ! xDD

lols..SO LONG DIDNT BLOG LERR ! heh. x)
cox dance practice n many many other stuff.. like CHIST PROJECT !
GOODNESS!! thkfully it's DONE ! hah! =P
weekends nid go bak church for dance
nid 2 learn finish d moves by tis week.. !
lisa's d dance coach ! heh. x) she's pwetty gud..n AWESOME ! xDD
got lisa, abby, adele, josh, tim, sam n me !
thx pam 4 da chocolates yesterday.. LOL !
YESTERDAY went 2 strawberry cakehse in damai ther..wif hui tzie n winnie xD
cox got hk stars goin ther.. err... ma sumting n luo sumting ( d guys) n d gurl is chen sumting..
ps..u want d name go 2 joanne's blog~ xDD
went 2 centre point wif some
n btw ..ABBY ! alot of ppl got d giordano jackets in far 2 guys~ LOL !
&& ! ABBY ! GSKIDS de jasmine kinda looks like BoA Kwon ! korean gurl tat 1 dance hip-hop fon fon de ! .. hehe..
my tuition teacher didnt bliv i met d ma sumting guy..hehe.. xD she thot i april fooled her werr.. =P
im currently readin TWILIGHT ! .. lols.. ta-dah! =P
oh! n btw.. PHUA CHU KANG IS BACK ! hehe.. TV3 .. 8.30pm..every wednesday xD

here's some photos ! LOLs~

The ma guy n chen gurl.. =) (acting)
d chen gurl n luo guy.. xD

Group photo..hehe

Signatures! LOL !


Abby & me

a-de-le-lu-i-love-you.. LOLS ! ABBY TOO !

bah ! khin khin ! xD n lisa n teacher jade =))

our lenglui photographer ! sabrina! xDD,, n teacher jade =)

heh. x) some guys helpin d gurls side! xD
our "heroes" : sam, david, josh, andy, jordan xD
GO ANDY DADDY ! BIG n STRONG ! heh. x) our anchor =P

bah!! uncle sam old liao~ tired lurr.. =P

tat's all i guess ! haha.. d rest lazy upload.. x)

God bless =)